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How wonderful that we have met with a paradox; now we have some hope of progress

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Name:Howard Link
Birthdate:Dec 29

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..., 14th, akuma, allen, allen walker, analysing, as if you cared, asking hard questions, baked goods, baking, being complicated, being crow, being fussy, being human, being sane, being serious, being smug, books, cake, cakes, canon, caring, central, chess, choices, crow, cupcakes, deskwork, dots, duty, earl, etc, exorcists, family, fighting, following walker, fountain pens, glasses, hoshino-get-me-off-the-bus, innocence, inspecting, interrogating, its-my-job, jobs, journals, kiredori, knowing things, koushi, languages, laws, leverrier, leville, loyalty, madarao, malcom c. leverrier, malcom c. leville, memories, missions, mothering walker, no nicknames, no stupid names, noah, not apocryphos ever, not being a pawn, not being a puppet, not being an exorcist, not being annoyed, not being asked questions, not being called names, not being conflicted, not being furniture, not being interrogated, not being possessed, not being stalked, not being trolled, not caring, not craziness, not dropping a game, not dying, not exorcism, not eyefeathers, not family, not feathers, not idiocy, not invasive questions, not jokes, not kinks, not memory loss, not nicknames, not nonsense, not robots, not sex, not smiling, not stabbings, not stupid damn feathers, not the apocryphos cardinal, not the cardinal, not the past, not trolling, not trolls, not trust, not two-spots, not watchdog, not you, not-the-bus, notebooks, notes, overthinking, paper, paperwork, paradoxes, pencils, pens, pie, pies, please no dying, reading, rules, seals, serious business, shadows, shounen jesuses, smirking, spells, stalking, stalking walker, staying alive, staying in a game, sweets, switchblades, tevak, the 14th, the black order, the fourteenth, the past, the vatican, third exorcists, thirds, tokusa, tomes, trust, truth, walker, walker stalking, watchdog, weapons, work, worrying, writing
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